Special Addition to "15 days in the Yukon" - Selected Pictures of Clinton Creek from the Kingston Family Album

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The Day the Kingstons left Clinton Creek in 1978 (about July 15)

Mom's Station wagon in front of 510 Boundary Road, Dad's Truck in front of Murdoch's house, George Kingston at right


 John Kingston (left) and George Kingston maneuvering boat to fish net in Yukon River across from Forty Mile Village


Kingston Family (missing from picture - Anne Marie), photographer - Father Bob


40 mile village winter hike - Stephanie Kingston far left.  Cheryl, 2nd from right...



George Kingston in his office


(l to r) Phyllis Waters, Dorothy Owen, Stephanie Kingston, Doris Gates



40 mile village buildings



Ethel Lake, Kingston boat at right


Road into Ethel Lake

Note: with forest fire smoke in 2009 today, could not see lake anywhere from road



Clinton Creek Swimming pool - Martha Kingston to swim?



Tom Kingston - Ethel Lake, probably age 11


   Tom Kingston, about 37 years later (taken Aug 3rd, 2009), about the same spot at Ethel Lake



Gudrun Hilger and Dorothy Owen



NEW Pictures (after 1978) below


Stephanie Kingston 2007


George and Stephanie 2005


Kingston Family about 1985

l to r back back row - Tom, Bethy, Patricia, Martha, Suzanne, John

l to r front row - Anne Marie, George, Stephanie, Michael


Tom and George in 2005


George 2005


Martha 2005


George 2005


Sam and his wife Kathy in 2005 - Sam is Anne Marie's son - he lived in Clinton Creek from 11days old until about 2 years old.  Sam is now a father himself, so Anne Marie is a grandmother and Stephanie is a great grandmother now.


Anne Marie at her 50th birthday party


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